Amazingly enough there are still market boosters that are promoting doing MORE investment into high-cost US based stocks.

The market has moved back more than 40% since the lows of March 2009 and there are stock advisers that are making the bald-faced statements that they expect the market to continue to grow at a rate of 4% in general and certain ‘silos’ sectors will be advancing at rates as high as 25%.

The acceptance of this message is a dangerous one from my perspective, the need for ongoing trades and the idea that ‘all boats float’ is also dangerous right now.

The need for effective reporting and ongoing monitor of any investment you are participating in has never been greater, yet the efficacy of company communications has been dropping like never before.

Never before has the ‘public’ investor needed great information ~ yet been so poorly served by both an education system and ‘professional’ investment services.

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