Path of tears

The Banking Crisis or Credit Crunch or whatever other euphemism you care to attach to the mess that Wall Street financial houses have brought upon the system is now itself coming into question, the time is long overdue … is there time to change?

More important is there a will to change?

Former regulator William Black spoke with Real News director Paul Jay in these insightful series of interviews.

The banking system has itself become the drain upon the economy that it once purported to build.

There are so many shoes to fall from this crisis that it will be like being inside Imelda Marcos’ closet during an earthquake.

Th steps of proposed reform are beyond the political will of Congress or the Administration … the problem continues to not only fester; it is getting larger.

This “path of tears” will continue to be followed and the next ‘big one’ may be larger than anyone can envision right now.

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