Visual presentation of Fiat Currency cyclical ending

What does a world without paper money look like to you?

Now take whatever that vision is and describe the change-over period from what we have now to your view of the ‘next’ money system.

For me, the ideal is a gold based or gold backed system, where your digital account literally tracks how many atoms of gold you are holding, then pays for the stick of gum with 1 of them. Digitally we can do this since hauling around infinitesimal amounts of gold is impossible as is constantly carrying such physical gold with us all the time is impractical.

Whatever the end is like there is still a transition period, this graphic is the best I have seen to explain this.

The vicious cycle of Fiat Currency.

Fiat Currency endgame cycle

Thanks to Philip Davis and his “Fuggedaboutit” posting for showing this description.

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