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The steady retreat

Many have commented about the ‘flat’ of the stock markets and there are continuing signs of financial contagion in European markets.

Asian market trend lines are also going, or already gone flat to down (even Dr. Copper is predicting a reduction in commodity prices).

The controlled retreat from equities and the ‘cash’ marketplace is indicative of a general awareness of the limits of the current ‘currency’ system.

The decoupling of gold from all currencies is underway and this year will see the real ‘gold rush’ get started. There is only one place to shelter value that has stood the test of time for 20 centuries : GOLD.

I am not talking about the GLD index or some other ‘safe keeping certificates’ either, when the situation really goes into overdrive only one thing will matter, “Do you have the physical metal?” If the answer is no then the response to the transaction will likely be the same.

If you have a desire to participate in the gold market at or near ‘spot’ price then contact me at your earliest convenience.

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More Money basket cases are likely

The ultimate ‘bubble’ is yet to burst, thought the pressure mounts day by day.

Noted money writer Niall Ferguson has been on record stating that the US will not be able to print their way out from the crisis and that the US may be in a situation similar to Greece by 2013.

This ultimate inflation generation machine is what may be getting ready to burst.

More and more evidence is pointing to the need to avoid being in a ‘cash only’ position.

Whether it be in stocks that are in growth industries, value priced real estate, collectible art or simply gold and silver the need to preserve capital value via means other than T-bills or worse paper money in ‘bank accounts’ has never been higher.

The vicious cycle of Fiat Currency.

Fiat Currency endgame cycle

We may be moving along this “Implode-o-meter” much faster than anyone can anticipate…

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