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Big Blank Sheet

The vision of the future for ‘money’ is an unknown.

With the reality of Quantitative Easing II, not happening.
With the reality of the non-responsiveness of the US economy to the ‘stimulus’ money pumped into it.

The expectation of either the double-dip or the more likely ‘super crash’ is starting to come home.

The drop off is understood, what to do about it is not.

This is the “Big Blank Sheet”

There is no plan, no vision and no immediate action that any central banker can take to forestall the immense value destruction that is coming for the world economy.

Yes the world economy.

A great reckoning of all debts is about to come due and the huge leveraging of all national economies is about to be laid bare. There exists only one true resolution — pay out or agreement to resolve all past accounts to zero and start over.

That solution is contemplated, though the implementation of it may only be done on a highest level, for the common man there are darker things considered.

A return to a kind of serfdom, where the human spirit is shackled to a body that is born into a particular station without ability to grow beyond it – this will be the result of another round of fiat currency with the proposed ‘world’ money that the central bankers have been talking about.

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