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Fiat Currency & the GREATEST Depression

Mike Maloney has recently been to a bankers conference and was astounded at the totally clouded view of where money comes from and why the ‘fluff’ or window dressing that these bankers were talking about was going to have exactly zero impact on the real problem.

“Basically I think that everything that you are hearing here. Everything that you have listened to is a bunch of bullsh*t. Basel II, Basel III, payment systems, I don’t care! Your personal lives are at stake here.”

“Anybody who gets prepared is going to become super wealthy. The ones that don’t get prepared in this room are going to become government employees when the government nationalizes the bank system, you’re going to be working for the government.”

– Mike Maloney

See these two great videos and decide for yourself:

Part One

Part Two

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Mr Wizard, what is the solution?

Far too often we look to those whom we have put into ‘power’ for solutions, which is not what those people have specialized in.

For the past 40 years our ‘leadership’ have come from the same cadre of ‘politicos’ who have only the training, skill-set and desire to ‘continue’ in their positions of power.

Albus Dumbledore

Sir Richard Harris as the Headmaster Wizard Albus Dumbledore

For the longer we have permitted these leaders to continue with their factions in the positions of power that these factions have held for more than three generations then the greater becomes their ability to hypnotize us all.

The curtain hiding these Wizards of power needs to be torn down.

“Every generation needs a new revolution.” -Thomas Jefferson

Sadly there are so few able to see where the curtain is any more that exposing what is behind it may not make any difference…too many hearts and minds are dimmed now to see what would be exposed.

As a first step we must stop turning to the same wizards whom have built the house of cards we are all having to gingerly step around. I have heard a call for “no incumbent re-elected“, I echo such a sentiment and add “vote independent – non party candidates only“.

That we are overdone with banking institutions which have banished the precious metals and substituted a more fluctuating and unsafe medium, that these have withdrawn capital from useful improvements and employments to nourish idleness, that the wars of the world have swollen our commerce beyond the wholesome limits of exchanging our own productions for our own wants, and that, for the emolument of a small proportion of our society who prefer these demoralizing pursuits to labors useful to the whole, the peace of the whole is endangered and all our present difficulties produced, are evils more easily to be deplored than remedied.

* Thomas Jefferson Letter to Abbe Salimankis (1810)

The time for a reformation of our financial system has come, will we take the bitter pill or will we be

Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it.
~Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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