More Money Triangle

Whatever you may think or feel about the debasement of the US dollar, the powers that have control over the printing presses have been found using their powers to do things ‘other’ than the activity they were set up for.

Dr Bernanke explains Quantitative EasingThe Federal Reserve has been forced to release documents detailing the actions of the company during the critical 2008 melt down period.  A time when many were in confusion about what to do … the Fed was not so confused.  They used the discount window like a kind of candy gumball machine that one of them had ‘jimmied’ so that no more quarters were needed.

The results from this are only too well known, they have come to be called Quantitative Easing.

The revolving door of credit at ‘free’ was not stopped, indeed it may even now still be in use.

Bloomberg and FOX Business have obtained documents, links can be found HERE, that detail the wild times that the Discount Window handouts were going on.

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