Ultimate Political Theater

The Debt ceiling ‘debate’ and goings on in Washington DC is the ultimate in political theater. It is like pro wrestling for the politics junkie.

This is an example of the kind of pressure then release that is being done to draw attention to the dance of politics in the beltway.

The power to create ‘money’ rests with the state, what is more on show here is that the ‘state’ is something of a house divided and the particular political hot potato has a fuse on it … sadly if it is permitted to explode ~ something that I have a view that it will be permitted to go boom ~ then hundreds of millions of others will suffer so that the political, financial and military elite of the US and western world can ‘prosper’.

At least one other commentator has stated that World War III is starting out as an economic war, just as nearly every other global conflict of the past 300 years has…

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