POP goes the bubbles?

The discussions in Jackson Hole are continuing and while the results are not yet being published or sent out publicly there are disturbing elements arising from those sources who have spoken about the events taking place in Wyoming.

The issues in the Middle East continue to dominate the stability of the world now, Iran has re-emerged onto the discussion larger than ever before.

Libyan forces continue their actions, with NATO support … yet the NATO nations are tipping over financially and may not be able to keep their forces in the field, certainly not with any ground forces of appreciable size.  Something that taking a 2 million inhabitant city would require.

All of these items and events point to MORE VOLATILITY in the marketplace as the uncertainty or CHAOS grow.

Who will be popping the bubbles?  Could it be a malevolent spirit, known to delight in such CHAOS?

Are the horsemen far behind?

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