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Ooops, there goes the system … again?

Once again the financial system is at risk, as the principle regulators in the US Congress are unable to resolve their conflict of interest with those ‘too big to fail’ institutions.

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Financial Ponzi Scheme : sorting it all out

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Greek exit from EU now openly debated …

According to Guardian:

The fate of Greece is, on Tuesday night, in the hands of the leader of a far-left party who launched the quest to form a government by declaring the country could no longer commit itself to the terms of an international loan agreement keeping its economy afloat.

After accepting a mandate to create a multi-party administration following inconclusive elections, Alexis Tsipras sent shockwaves through financial markets by announcing the pledges Athens had made to secure rescue funds from the EU and IMF were null and void.

“The popular verdict clearly renders the bailout deal null,” said the politician, whose stridently anti-austerity coalition of the radical left, known as Syriza, sprung the surprise of the weekend’s poll, coming in second with 16.8% of the vote. “This is an historic moment for the left and the popular movement and a great responsibility for me.”

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Return of Putin as Russian President

While most will agree that Vladimir Putin really did not leave as principle leader of the Russian Federation, his return to the seat of President will be seen as a re-emergence of his personal style.

Putin has had to deal with many changes in the administration of the Russian Federation, there are signs that his recent return will not be heralded as beneficial to many of the common man.  I have seen signs that a real desire is present to engage in the needed market reforms and permit a more grass-roots form of capitalism (as might have been seen in the west in the 1950’s) to take hold.

What is faced by the renewed presidential cabinet is a more united front against such market reforms by the Oligarchs and others dominating raw materials and certain key manufacturing sectors.

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