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Korean change … stable for now.

The change of power balance in the Korean peninsula is going to be something of a flashpoint in the coming months.

Always ready for a fight or flight moment, North Korea now is in the throes of a change of power not seen since the city state years of the Italian peninsula in the 14th and 15th centuries.

Nominally a communist regime, North Korea could better be described as a feudal Kingdom, now with a powerful experienced Duke overseeing the development of a new young King.  One that is untested and untried with the most important elements in statesmanship to a military dictatorship, combat command and immediate control of senior military commanders.

I suspect that the leaders of South Korea are rightly concerned about the sound of sabre rattling changing to actually drawing the sword.

More from Reuters.

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Arms Race … never a winner

The Chinese air force has a new player the J-20 stealth fighter.

In this game of cat & mouse there can be no more winners … what value can be ‘captured’ this way any more?

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OIL price upward pressure

There is a continued pressure UP on oil.

Jim Rogers, co-founder of George Soros’ Quantum Fund tells the BBC ‘the world is running out of reserves of oil’

There are certainly supply pressures, the rapid upward price pressure is coming more from the vast SUPPLY of US money that has been hitting the market in the past few months.

When there is twice as much money printed out there to use to buy things then the price of the things must double, just to keep pace. The pains of Quantitative Easing are only now starting to come home to roost.

This is true across all spectrum of goods. Food will be a huge one next.

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CHINA : The Global “double-dip” : Roubini

The talking heads cannot get clear of the fog of material coming out from ‘official’ sources.

The best minds watching the market are seeing clearly, no illusions, Roubini is telling the truth in this video discussion with the CNBC crew. His view is absolutely correct, real-estate is still on life support, no durable goods growth is needed at all meaning the continued constriction all over the place and labor statistics are going to continue to be wiped out in the private sector. Government spending cannot change the situation at all over the short term, de-leveraging must continue.

Fiscal irresponsibility on the part of governments will eventually bring down the whole system and Roubini is seeing clearly when he points out the continued QE will have to be done and once that avenue of relief has run out there are few other options left.

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